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The Power of One Degree

We often try to create massive results by making massive changes. However, the extraordinary is closer than we thing—just one degree away. Just as heating water from 211 to 212˚ takes it to the boiling point, even a one degree shift can create extraordinary possibilities.

In my book One Degree (2010), I share creative insight on how small “one degree” changes can create extraordinary results in our work, our personal brand, and our connections with others. The book was born out of my love for magic. I share secrets with fellow magicians on how micro-shifts in how we present magic can create a powerful audience connection. I also include 5 essays that further explore this universal concept.

I have had the privilege of performing and speaking about this topic to thousands of people across 12 countries, including France, Germany, UK, and Austria. With One Degree Connect, I help leaders uncover pivotal one degree strategies to take their team, brand, and cause to greater heights.