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Wonder is One Degree Away


Hi, I’m John Guastaferro. I believe we all have the power to create wonder! And it’s closer than we think—just one degree away. It starts by connecting three core areas: your Team, Brand, and Cause. 

Working with clients like Disney, Sony, and UCI, I help teams discover the magic of  “one degree” micro-shifts. From keynotes to board retreats, I bring these concepts to life in a fun, powerful way.

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Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to creative ways to add more wonder to the world. As an award-winning branding strategist, author, speaker, and professional magician, it is my life mission to connect people to the extraordinary! 


The extraordinary is closer than we think…just one degree away. Even the smallest shifts in these areas can create powerful outcomes. From keynotes to corporate retreats, I bring these concepts to life to help you elevate wonder and success in all you do.

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The Power of Three


Today’s consumers are looking for more than great products or services. They want to feel connected to you, your brand promise, and your social values. That’s why it’s so important to connect your Team, Brand & Cause. Each is important; together they create wonder.


I’ve shared these concepts with Disney, Sony, universities, nonprofits, and CEO peer groups. Whether it’s a conference keynote or virtual retreat, you’ll be inspired put insights into action.


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Connecting Teams to Greatness

One Degree Connect delivers virtual and in-person services designed to elevate your brand, team, and cause.


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  • “Spark Magic in Your Team, Brand & Cause”
  • “Wonder is One Degree Away”
  • “Find Your Purpose”
  • “Marketing Your Cause”
  • “Build a Culture of Philanthropy”
  • “The Power of Your Personal Brand”
  • “Developing Shared Vision”

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The One Degree Difference

We are often tempted to make massive changes or sudden 180 degree shifts when things aren’t going as planned. I take a different approach by embracing the power of one degree. Just as heating water from 211 to 212˚ takes it to the boiling point, even a one degree shift can create extraordinary possibilities. It is a message I’ve shared in my international-selling book One Degree and in presentations across 11 countries. Working with clients like Disney, Sony, and UCI, I help leaders uncover pivotal one degree strategies to connect three core areas of success: Team, Brand & Cause.

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